Hello world!

I didn’t know if I had the skills in writing. I just wanted to be here to express my feelings and aspirations in life. Two years ago, I was in a delirium after encountering the huge problems. I knew there was  God to talk to through my prayers, however dark clouds kept covering me and remained unheard by our creator. Confused? Well, that is what the bible says. When a person makes mistakes or commits sins and remained unrepentant, he could not soften the face of God…his prayers will not be heard. So I knew my prayers were not heard during those hard times.

I was broke. I lost my car, my job and my daughters were so far away from me. I was then facing the consequences of my own unwanted actions.  What a great problem! I hated myself for that!!! But then, I still had my life to cherish…I knew that there was something new in life I could make. I knew I was still entitled to be happy.

Thanks to the WordPress. This is the only way  to rediscover myself and be heard by someone else in this world whom I didn’t know. You may not like me or judge me for who I am but don’t you worry, I understood that you are entitled to your own opinion. Like me, you can express your aspirations in life too and I love to read your blogs.

Now I am inspired, happy to face the world again and to play my own role in life. I may not be a good writer, but I have many great articles to share.

Happy Blogging guys…


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