How Can You Be Happy?

Any person wants to be happy. Even you and I want to be happy too. What is happiness? Did you imagine and feel its profound meaning?

The dictionary says, Happiness is an emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions from contentment to intense of joy. Did you realized the things in which you should be happy? Did you know that happiness is just within your reach but only you are not heading towards it? Being happy does not mean that everything has come up according to our expectations because expectations will sometimes turn to inexpectations. Lori Deschene in her article posted at Tiny Buddha Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives says that there are 7 reasons to be happy. I agree with her and maybe I have to apply this to myself first before I could show this to my loved ones and the people I encounter everyday.In this way I can create the interconnections of happiness.

Enjoy the present moment.The good health, peaceful surroundings, peaceful mind, the kind of food you wish to eat that moment,the people around you and think of the nice memories with them.One can smile and let the positive emotion merge as you bond your time with them. Let the positive emotion broadens by sharing jokes and recall the encouraging moments. Notice the details of the things and people around you and find opportunity to offer help, foods or invest time with them by listening to their problems. If negative issues occur, find ways to tune them on to a positive one by appreciating the positive details.

Having a long term of happiness has to do something with your focus on the things that will make you happy. Spending time with the family, listening to the rain, running to the beach, go to parks, watch the moonlight at night,try new things and introduce it to new people. Then think of yourself as a present to them, having good looks with sweet scents, wearing a smiling face and lurking eyes. This means that having a simple choice in life will lead to happiness and contentment. Complicated choices will make you upside down with so many tasks to attain to, forgetting the investment for love and joy.

Just don’t forget the reality that the happiest people are not the ones who has plenty of money, things, friends, power, attention and health but the ones who practice gratitude and focus on loving his life and the other’s life consistently. So be happy, set your emotions and mind to focus on the happiness which are just around you and enjoy the gift of life. Can you do it?


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