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The Abandoned Barangay Igpit of Opol

This is how my poor place looked like after a 12 day successive rains. This 3 –kilometer damaged road really had disturbed the passengers and drivers while on travel. The destination? Youngsville Subdivision.


As you passed by, you can see the beautiful houses, farms and the green vegetation of banana, rice field, fruits and coconut trees. This will tell you somehow that the villagers are the mixture of professionals, farmers, capitalists and the jobless.IMG_3980IMG_3949


This river overflows when the mountain areas will have excessive rains and flood. Flash flooding had happened here three times already since 1993. Cars can no longer pass as the flood level will rise up to a 4 feet deep on the roads.


This barangay is a 30-minute drive journey going to the City of Cagayan de Oro. Its tranquility is mostly admired by the  residents. If only the roads will be developed fully, many people will be convinced to build their residences here. The land value and appraisal is cheaper compared to others.

IMG_3941 house

This is the entrance of Youngsville Subdivision, an elevated area above the river level. When flood occurs, residents cannot go down. Those who are out  of the village will go home the next day after the flood subsides.


A Warm Welcome to Our Baby Nathalie



August 12, 2013 was a remarkable day for the whole family. Everybody was excited to see the new born baby Nathalie. As we gazed at her beauty inside the nursery room, she was unique. Her eyes were wide open as if observing her new world settings …while the rest of her nursery roommates had their tiresome sleeping after the struggle of a long labor. We knew she was a gift for us…we knew we will be happy for her. Her mom unexpectedly underwent a caesarean operation. With God’s help, she recovered gradually.

 Nathalie was a quiet little baby. Surrounded with white and pink colored room, she was filled with soft noise  came from her overwhelmed aunties, uncles , grandmas and the family circle of friends who kept coming alternately. Everybody had the inspiring words to utter while gazing at her.  Everybody wanted to kiss her however,  the doctor set a prohibition for health reasons. The good looking baby was still opening her eyes when handed down by the nurse to her mom.  So everybody had a suspicion that she can see already.

The thoughtful dad, Plongplong,  helped Nathalie went to sleep. However, with a small sound heard she could open her eyes quickly. Her hearing skill was strong so the people inside the room unanimously spoke slowly while others were already whispering. Colorful balloons and inspiring flowers made everyone happy. Cakes, chocolates and delicious foods were served to the tired and weak nursing mom.


This baby was so lucky for she landed to the caring hands of her parents. No babies can choose their parent, family or nation.  By God’s providence, her existence is at random and she happened to be in this place, a crowded city of Cagayan de Oro, marked with a busy life and a challenging economy. Her only assurance of this world is her God-fearing parents who are capable of bringing her life to the truth.

No matter what it takes, she will be the center of love and affection to the family. May she will serve Jehovah fully when she will grow up and may she will love us too even when we grow old. She is the little cutie baby, the first grandchild of the Alegados and the second grandchild of the Tados.

Welcome to the family!


Mankind’s Fight Against Mortality

PharaohJuan Ponce de Leon

Nobody wants to talk about death, it’s an uncomfortable subject. But sooner or later we will confront it and the sting of death is sharp and painful.

Nothing can fully prepare us for the loss of someone dear to our life. We will loss a parent, a sister, a brother, a spouse, or a child. A calamity or tragedy may strike us anytime unprepared so the effect is so tragic that we sometimes become imbalanced and confused. Whatever the case, the pain of death cannot be eluded. We have no choice, no matter how rich and wealthy a person is, death will devour us and the effect is so devastating.

To look back, some ancient prominent men tried to control death. They wanted it to be conquered with all their might. Ancient Pharaohs of Egypt spent much of their lives as well as the lives of thousand workers in building the pyramids, mummifying the dead and waited for their return. However, their pyramids turn out to be the hallmark of their shameful failure and useless quest. The dead never ever came back to life amidst their ultra religious strategy to associate with the spirits.

Chinese emperors followed a similar dream of immortality. Emperor Qin Shi Huang demanded that his alchemists find a magic potion that could keep death at bay. Unfortunately, many of their concoctions contained mercury and one of their mixtures believed to have killed him.

A Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sailed the Caribbean in search for a fountain of youth. He eventually discovered Florida, USA but died a few years later after a skirmish with the Native Americans and no fountain of youth has ever been found. Though he was already dead four centuries ago, his endeavor for looking of the fountain of youth remained a legendary to the human history.
The Pharaohs, emperors and explorers had all sought to conquer death. Their quest for immortality sounded good and acceptable to mankind’s perspective if they were only successful. However, their failure was a mark of truth that death could not be rebelled. Its tragic effect on human history still remained sharp and painful.


Eulogy for an OFW Husband

Photo-0077 Lea Crying

Words of pain and tears of agony were not enough to express how we felt our loss. Though we’ve been apart for almost a decade our memories will never be forgotten.

Pride had torn our ways and drifted apart our dreams. Our children suffered, we suffered too.

Nevertheless, I could not forget how good you were to us. You were a man of principle and a man of dignity perhaps but maybe I didn’t know yet. Our marriage lasted  for five consecutive years 0nly then another two years after we had a second try. Your memories with us used to be so sweet. You were a loving father and a thoughtful husband. You were a good provider, a very industrious worker and a defender.

You used to tell us jokes, though seriousness prevail sometimes especially if confronted by a problem. Your decision making was so realistic and practical, things that I missed after you had left us.

When I spotted your cadaver box at Ninoy International Airport in Manila, I burst into tears. What was in my mind was our fresh and sweet memories of companionship so I almost died in crying. Thanks to the Security guards who understood my case. I kept holding my tears because crying had been my only way of expressing my upheavals for those many years when you had abandoned us. So I was not supposed to cry gravely but my emotional bagging was so heavy that I had to give in. Crying was so hard and painful. I felt how unfair the world was. The man I loved 25 years ago is still the man in my memory. God knew how I loved him.

To my daughters, this is a debt of gratitude or a graceful opportunity instead for now you see him, though he is dead, your memories with him is alive and memorable. For the first time we are gathered together as a family, distance is no more a barrier but sad to say, we could not hug him, we could not express our sentiments, for he could no longer see nor hear us.


Yes, he is dead and gone but the good memories are ours to  cherish. We knew the truth and that truth is comforting. May all of us continue to fight our battle. To keep our integrity, loyalty and  faithfulness for our living God, for in this way we will win and could see him in paradise.


Raising Daughters in This Permissive World

Tado sisters

Who would think that I had grown these four lovely daughters out of my struggles yet having inspirations? Have you ever observed teenagers today wasting their times with wayward friends at school or with the neighborhood? A single mom would always act according to the best welfare of her children. Yes, it would have been a heartache to watch them grow had they brought shame to me. Many of my friends who gave me c0mments,  as I was  a stage mother or a selfish one whenever my children’s wants were not granted, had agreed with the upbringing I did. Frankly speaking,  I was a mom who could not gave in but instead, I made my “no” to always “no” and “yes” to always “yes”.

I should not say I was a proud mother of these four because in reality I hurdled hundreds of heartaches in raising them. Thank God, the four were all God-fearing children as I taught them bible lessons and its principles while they were still young. I also made sure that my consistency in giving them guidance and rules would not bend just to follow their own will. As King Solomon said: “If one is pampering one’s servant from youth on, in his later life he will even become a thankless one.” (Proverbs 29:21) So I never pampered them or giving them all they want for that will cause them to be “thankless” or “spoiled” when they grow up.


They are now the jewels of my house. Two of them are already married bringing me the two beautiful granddaughters and two honorable husbands. Though I lost my mate, my strong bond of relationship with them can be likened to the bundles of gold because their presence will always bring me joy and happiness. Yes, they are  the jewels of my life and I felt that always whenever we are gathered together. Their ups and downs were part of growing up and I love to listen from their stories. Their perspectives in life are  inspiring. Their morals and values are worth praising. Thanks to God, this permissive world had not broken our love and unity as a servant of God and as a part of His human family.