Eulogy for an OFW Husband

Photo-0077 Lea Crying

Words of pain and tears of agony were not enough to express how we felt our loss. Though we’ve been apart for almost a decade our memories will never be forgotten.

Pride had torn our ways and drifted apart our dreams. Our children suffered, we suffered too.

Nevertheless, I could not forget how good you were to us. You were a man of principle and a man of dignity perhaps but maybe I didn’t know yet. Our marriage lasted  for five consecutive years 0nly then another two years after we had a second try. Your memories with us used to be so sweet. You were a loving father and a thoughtful husband. You were a good provider, a very industrious worker and a defender.

You used to tell us jokes, though seriousness prevail sometimes especially if confronted by a problem. Your decision making was so realistic and practical, things that I missed after you had left us.

When I spotted your cadaver box at Ninoy International Airport in Manila, I burst into tears. What was in my mind was our fresh and sweet memories of companionship so I almost died in crying. Thanks to the Security guards who understood my case. I kept holding my tears because crying had been my only way of expressing my upheavals for those many years when you had abandoned us. So I was not supposed to cry gravely but my emotional bagging was so heavy that I had to give in. Crying was so hard and painful. I felt how unfair the world was. The man I loved 25 years ago is still the man in my memory. God knew how I loved him.

To my daughters, this is a debt of gratitude or a graceful opportunity instead for now you see him, though he is dead, your memories with him is alive and memorable. For the first time we are gathered together as a family, distance is no more a barrier but sad to say, we could not hug him, we could not express our sentiments, for he could no longer see nor hear us.


Yes, he is dead and gone but the good memories are ours to  cherish. We knew the truth and that truth is comforting. May all of us continue to fight our battle. To keep our integrity, loyalty and  faithfulness for our living God, for in this way we will win and could see him in paradise.


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