Mankind’s Fight Against Mortality

PharaohJuan Ponce de Leon

Nobody wants to talk about death, it’s an uncomfortable subject. But sooner or later we will confront it and the sting of death is sharp and painful.

Nothing can fully prepare us for the loss of someone dear to our life. We will loss a parent, a sister, a brother, a spouse, or a child. A calamity or tragedy may strike us anytime unprepared so the effect is so tragic that we sometimes become imbalanced and confused. Whatever the case, the pain of death cannot be eluded. We have no choice, no matter how rich and wealthy a person is, death will devour us and the effect is so devastating.

To look back, some ancient prominent men tried to control death. They wanted it to be conquered with all their might. Ancient Pharaohs of Egypt spent much of their lives as well as the lives of thousand workers in building the pyramids, mummifying the dead and waited for their return. However, their pyramids turn out to be the hallmark of their shameful failure and useless quest. The dead never ever came back to life amidst their ultra religious strategy to associate with the spirits.

Chinese emperors followed a similar dream of immortality. Emperor Qin Shi Huang demanded that his alchemists find a magic potion that could keep death at bay. Unfortunately, many of their concoctions contained mercury and one of their mixtures believed to have killed him.

A Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sailed the Caribbean in search for a fountain of youth. He eventually discovered Florida, USA but died a few years later after a skirmish with the Native Americans and no fountain of youth has ever been found. Though he was already dead four centuries ago, his endeavor for looking of the fountain of youth remained a legendary to the human history.
The Pharaohs, emperors and explorers had all sought to conquer death. Their quest for immortality sounded good and acceptable to mankind’s perspective if they were only successful. However, their failure was a mark of truth that death could not be rebelled. Its tragic effect on human history still remained sharp and painful.


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