Raising Daughters in This Permissive World

Tado sisters

Who would think that I had grown these four lovely daughters out of my struggles yet having inspirations? Have you ever observed teenagers today wasting their times with wayward friends at school or with the neighborhood? A single mom would always act according to the best welfare of her children. Yes, it would have been a heartache to watch them grow had they brought shame to me. Many of my friends who gave me c0mments,  as I was  a stage mother or a selfish one whenever my children’s wants were not granted, had agreed with the upbringing I did. Frankly speaking,  I was a mom who could not gave in but instead, I made my “no” to always “no” and “yes” to always “yes”.

I should not say I was a proud mother of these four because in reality I hurdled hundreds of heartaches in raising them. Thank God, the four were all God-fearing children as I taught them bible lessons and its principles while they were still young. I also made sure that my consistency in giving them guidance and rules would not bend just to follow their own will. As King Solomon said: “If one is pampering one’s servant from youth on, in his later life he will even become a thankless one.” (Proverbs 29:21) So I never pampered them or giving them all they want for that will cause them to be “thankless” or “spoiled” when they grow up.


They are now the jewels of my house. Two of them are already married bringing me the two beautiful granddaughters and two honorable husbands. Though I lost my mate, my strong bond of relationship with them can be likened to the bundles of gold because their presence will always bring me joy and happiness. Yes, they are  the jewels of my life and I felt that always whenever we are gathered together. Their ups and downs were part of growing up and I love to listen from their stories. Their perspectives in life are  inspiring. Their morals and values are worth praising. Thanks to God, this permissive world had not broken our love and unity as a servant of God and as a part of His human family.


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