A Warm Welcome to Our Baby Nathalie



August 12, 2013 was a remarkable day for the whole family. Everybody was excited to see the new born baby Nathalie. As we gazed at her beauty inside the nursery room, she was unique. Her eyes were wide open as if observing her new world settings …while the rest of her nursery roommates had their tiresome sleeping after the struggle of a long labor. We knew she was a gift for us…we knew we will be happy for her. Her mom unexpectedly underwent a caesarean operation. With God’s help, she recovered gradually.

 Nathalie was a quiet little baby. Surrounded with white and pink colored room, she was filled with soft noise  came from her overwhelmed aunties, uncles , grandmas and the family circle of friends who kept coming alternately. Everybody had the inspiring words to utter while gazing at her.  Everybody wanted to kiss her however,  the doctor set a prohibition for health reasons. The good looking baby was still opening her eyes when handed down by the nurse to her mom.  So everybody had a suspicion that she can see already.

The thoughtful dad, Plongplong,  helped Nathalie went to sleep. However, with a small sound heard she could open her eyes quickly. Her hearing skill was strong so the people inside the room unanimously spoke slowly while others were already whispering. Colorful balloons and inspiring flowers made everyone happy. Cakes, chocolates and delicious foods were served to the tired and weak nursing mom.


This baby was so lucky for she landed to the caring hands of her parents. No babies can choose their parent, family or nation.  By God’s providence, her existence is at random and she happened to be in this place, a crowded city of Cagayan de Oro, marked with a busy life and a challenging economy. Her only assurance of this world is her God-fearing parents who are capable of bringing her life to the truth.

No matter what it takes, she will be the center of love and affection to the family. May she will serve Jehovah fully when she will grow up and may she will love us too even when we grow old. She is the little cutie baby, the first grandchild of the Alegados and the second grandchild of the Tados.

Welcome to the family!


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