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The Abandoned Barangay Igpit of Opol

This is how my poor place looked like after a 12 day successive rains. This 3 –kilometer damaged road really had disturbed the passengers and drivers while on travel. The destination? Youngsville Subdivision.


As you passed by, you can see the beautiful houses, farms and the green vegetation of banana, rice field, fruits and coconut trees. This will tell you somehow that the villagers are the mixture of professionals, farmers, capitalists and the jobless.IMG_3980IMG_3949


This river overflows when the mountain areas will have excessive rains and flood. Flash flooding had happened here three times already since 1993. Cars can no longer pass as the flood level will rise up to a 4 feet deep on the roads.


This barangay is a 30-minute drive journey going to the City of Cagayan de Oro. Its tranquility is mostly admired by the  residents. If only the roads will be developed fully, many people will be convinced to build their residences here. The land value and appraisal is cheaper compared to others.

IMG_3941 house

This is the entrance of Youngsville Subdivision, an elevated area above the river level. When flood occurs, residents cannot go down. Those who are out  of the village will go home the next day after the flood subsides.


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