Oh! Cagayan de Oro, My Beloved City!

CDO flood 2CDO flood 3

CDO flood4CDO Flood

The pictures shown above were the scenarios of the flooded MUST(Mindanao University of Science and Technology), One of the prominent Universities in Mindanao, Limketkai Complex Junction and the avenue of CM Recto. These pictures were taken at 1:58 PM, the time when the City Disaster Reduction Management Office issued a CODE RED status to Cagayan de Oro. Residents along the riverbanks, seashores and landslide prone areas were ordered to have a forced evacuation. This is the most flood prone area in the City, before  it rose its prominence as  the center of commercial transactions, this place was  formerly known as a swampy area where the rice fields were cultivated. The truth is, the local officials and the people already knew the consequences every time the strong rains occur in this place. However, the city improvements were primarily geared towards commercial developments and major city infrastructures.

Along the Limketkai Complex is the deep canal actually stacked up with garbage like tin cans, cellophane, empty bottles and other human wastes. The canal source arises from the crowded slope areas above the city, so it was already loaded with wastes before it reached the Limketkai vicinity. To shun away shamefulness, the garbage loaded canal was actually covered within the area of the mall. Another factor that will cause further flooding is the high tide. The area is just three  kilometer  away from the sea so whenever high tides occur, flood waters cannot escaped through the sea. How come there was no regular cleaning of the loaded canal with the use of the back hoe? Or implement strict compliance of proper garbage disposal?

As you can see at the pictures, there were no more vehicles passing by as car engines will be automatically drowned and choked , some small cars float and the dirty water caused health hazards to the residents nearby. This had eventually caused inactivity of economic transactions in the city. Shoppers, bankers, store owners,  PUJ operators and the students were having hardships and interruptions with their normal activities. These were the repeated effects of flooding, how come they  can’t take actions for this common problems happening repeatedly?

You might had visited Cagayan de Oro during its dry good seasons. Malls were crowded with shoppers from Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Camiguin, Lanao , Ozamis and Zamboanga. Traffic problems were progressing so overpass and diversion roads were built to address the growing population of vehicles. It’s nice to roam around the city from the hinterland yet elite SM Mall down to the prestigious  Limketkai Drive. Hotels in the city are having varied locations. You can have them at the heart of the city or by the beach. In a 30-minute drive you will land to its cozy restaurants by the beach, to the breathtaking scenery of Shrine in El Salvador, to the amazing Eco-Village Garden at Malasag and to the various swimming pools at the nearby towns. People are friendly. Taxi drivers are accommodating and happy to serve you when booked at the right price.

It’s nice to see Cagayan de Oro City again. However, see to it that your visit will not be accompanied by Mr. LPA or the disgusting Low Pressure Area. The city is so fragile with heavy rains, making your trips disturbed and not comfortable. The pictures shown above will remind you of what will happen. So consider the weather when you visit Cagayan de Oro.



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