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Vine and Its Impact to The Marketing Industry Today


YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedn , Twitter, Blog, and other social media channels had shaped the world into an ” instant click generations” to get things done in a second or so. The world’s view towards social media had turned the video-driven society into an instant reality, updated with the latest events, news or fads. Still, with the world’s remarkable taste of “new updates” on technological advancement like new apps in iPhones, android, iPad, iPod and tablets to feed the craving evolution of industry and help shape the world’s marketing set up into becoming more effective and competent in giving the consumers an instant yet quality service and satisfaction.


How was this intensified? The creeping “Vine”  finally  came to light last 2013. Its sturdy image was so catching that the video-driven society had turned their heads on how the vine will take roles in the field of marketing industry, academic fields and entertainment circles.

What is vine?

Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter. Users can create a short video clips on their social media sites using the vine app. Its six and a half seconds maximum clip length is now availabe for iOS devices and has been introduced to Android, Windows Phone, HTML 5 , and Windows 8. Vine was discovered by Don Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll last June 2012. The company was acquired by Twitter on October 2012. In a couple of months – vine became the most used video sharing application in the market. It became the most downloaded free app within iOS app store.

Advertising Agencies

Vine rose to its prominence when a Turkish journalist completely documented the aftermath of a suicide bombing at the Turkish US Embassy. Columbia  Records used Vines to promote the “Big Time Rush” new album and the World’s Funniest Video used Vines to gather more different scenes to entertain the audience. Being listed among the times 50 best Android apps for 2013, the advertising agencies quickly seized on Vine’s potential. Vine can make a remarkable leap for advertising strategies.

Advertising Strategies using Vine

The competitive process of industry and the weakening trust of advertisement are the two conflicting concerns of marketing today. Vine has it! Its documentary type video – clip is enough to present a true to life presentation or demo of a certain product or services. Vine can be used with these following facades:


  •  Teaser Videos. You can use vine as your frontrunner of an advertising content, which reveal only the advertiser and the product. This is enough to arouse a widespread attention and build excitement to the public. Its so short so it is easy to publicize to all media vehicles.


  •  Mini -Clips. You can present your selection or varied collection of games, news, products, services and other products you wish to publicize in every media channels. Vine has a complete character to suit your needs.

          sneak peek 2

  •  Sneak Peak. Vine is easy to use in providing a sneak peak of your product. Having a short preview of something not yet in public is exciting and appealing. This will provide an opportunity for the consumers to be guided of what is nearly going on. An informational presentation that will really give them ideas on their daily endeavor.


  •  Video Testimonials. Vine is a perfect medium for sharing customer experiences. Since the process is on collecting the testimonials from willing people to talk about your product, do not use scripted conversations. Just provide the high level concepts of what they are going to talk about but not giving the interviewee the exact question list. Then yu can capture the natural, believable and authentic response.

research tools

  •  Research Tool. Use vine according to your research designs. Historical trivia, gathering answers or responses through video, conference has tag, highlighting of events, tell your brand story, showing off of products and other modified techniques to fit your research is just within a click of your fingertips.


  •  Product Demo. With the presence of Vine, consumers can see a product demo through their handy gadgets. In just one click, a person can share what he discovers that interest them both. In the marketing industry, launching a demo is so easy and the quick attraction of buyers will a make fast dissemination of a product knowledge. Product demo will also bring your presentations to life. This will mean more sign ups in your webinar or get more subscribers to your pod cast.

Vine is  potential in transforming powers. The six second looping films will expand the business activities directly because it has a great story-telling power in the digital form. The easy and quick use of it can provide a decent and quick visuals of every timely events and scenes.

Now, why not try the Vine apps in your marketing  and feed your social media channels with fascinating information about your products? You might be a big time owner of the company or an advertising manager, an educator, an artist or a professional who is a proactive in the digital age. Come on! This is your opportunity to prosper and show up for your long time dreams.


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