The Truth About Floating

thumbFloating brings you the feeling of sensation of a total weightlessness. It will make you calm, relax and completely alone with yourself. Floating then is a condition to enhance relaxation, preparing your body to adopt the transition mode. In this process, a calm heart eventually develops, the emotional and physical health improves, inner peace and organized thinking comes in. Floating has plenty of benefits a person should enjoy. Research shows that floating was used as a therapy to cure almost all health problems for  more than 40 years ago. Its curative effects were documented and many people around the world relied on this therapy.

imagesOur stressful life today needs relaxation. Although there are varied relaxation options we can choose, including the many outdoor activities, considering floating as an outdoor event with curative effects is a wise thing to do. John Lilly, an American physician, designed the floating therapy as an optimal means for relaxation and meditation in order to revive a person’s strength. Yes, stress is necessary in us because it will enhance creativity on our part. However, stress will become harmful when it overwhelms us. It will interrupt the healthy state of our mind, resulting to an imbalanced nervous system. Floating is in favor of reviving our body’s natural relaxation response.

float Floating can be done in two settings, depending on your geographical location, choice of mood and priorities. The first setting is the concept I presented at the onset of this article, the therapeutic floating which can be done only with the use of eight hundred pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into the ten inches of warm water. The solution is commonly mixed at the flotation tank, where you can get inside and float from fifty to sixty minutes. Flotation tank or isolation tank is especially designed as free of noise to reduce the sensory stimulation in order to greatly enhance an excellent environment of tranquility.4919907499_0b6f35070e_z

Floating can be done as an outdoor activity too. In this setting, therapeutic effects are not really experienced. However, meditation, relaxation, peace of mind, and other beneficial effects of going outdoors are to occur depending on the environment, and the emotional set up of an individual. Floatation therapy uses Epsom salt and warm water, which is known to have medicinal effects on the entire body, whereas normal floatation on the sea has only a brine salt.486287_366934190065277_1260659146_n

The cold temperature experienced during the outdoor floating do not really support the required relaxing condition of the body. Too much effort on the sea floating is tiresome and can cause weakening. While effortless floating on the flotation tank is so beneficial yet latest research shows thatSamadhi_tank2 regular flotation promotes total relief of chronic-related ailments such as anxiety, stress, depression and fibromyalgia. The warm water will help the body’s own system of recuperation and healing. This is the time where an individual can start his/her life anew after experiencing the therapy. One can really boast his experience during the float and as documented by Dr. John Lilly, the 12 succeeding sessions of flotation therapy will give at least 27 percent of total healing while 56 percent will improve the health condition. The health benefits gained will last for four months long so floating therapy is a worthwhile thing to try.


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