Nice Meeting You

Madam Elsie Ocaya

If places are inspiring to discover, so with a person too. I just couldn’t forget this lady who suddenly came out from a beautiful house which I sighted for a click in my camera. Feeling hesitant she might gave me a suspicious thought, I immediately apologized for her permission to take a picture. Her aura was social and elite but gifted in having the interpersonal skills, a pathway that had led us to have a nice “talk” and shared our views in life.

The office house of 
“Kaamulan” where I met Ma’am Elsie

I salute her positive outlook in life, her inspirations and admiration which had caused her to be happy and accommodating. The showing of interest to other people is for her a blessing and she treasured it as part of God’s plan for her and for me. When she I asked me why I did the photography, I revealed to her my passion for blogging. I followed the flow of our interactive conversation till I knew that she was a “cancer stage 4” survivor. What a very unique and wholesome encounter I had with this beautiful yet strong lady of Malaybalay. Nice meeting you ma’am Elsie! Our meeting was an open chapter story of our life. I shall not forget you.



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