The Night Was Creeping Slowly…What Have I done???

The Invading Shadow
The invading shadow 2

It was late in the afternoon of February 25th when I arrived at the gateway of Compostela Valley, my place of destination for that night.( I always visit this place because this is where my ancestors belonged. While sitting at the front seat of the bus, I took the opportunity of taking pictures at the high way, slowly invaded by the shadows of the palm trees, revealing the cold beauty of the valley. The bus was fully loaded with passengers, most of them were the commoners who traveled back home, bringing the different stuffs they bought from the City. 

It was already dusk and I tried to enjoy the reminiscing of memories in the place. I was supposed to be employed here as a teacher but my opportunity had suddenly gone. While gazing at the lighted curved road,  my attention had turned to my ringing phone. My mom had called me for they had already the long hours of waiting for me.


This was my long planned travel. I was to conduct a family meeting regarding our ancestral lands and the concerns of our old parents. I felt this as my big responsibility. The uniting of my divided siblings and the assigning of rules and functions. Being the eldest, I understood the agony of my aging parents and my distance won’t allow me to address their needs immediately.Thanks to my brothers and sisters who lovingly prepared foods for our small gathering.

ImageMy one day travel going to Compostela Valley was so tiresome. Yet, I didn’t forget to pay homage for my hometown.At dawn, I woke up early to take a look at the valley’s horizon.


While taking a walk going to the Provincial Capitol, I met some health conscious people jogged. Their silhouette at the distance blended with the dark color of the trees. The coldness of the dawn refreshes the mind and feeling.


These are the beautiful landscapes of the Provincial Capitol.







What I did was taking the pictures of my long not seen hometown. The darkness of the dawn was not a hindrance to my desire. Yes, I successfully arranged my family concerns and untiringly payed homage to my dear Compostela Valley.


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