Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Photo129                   We loved going to the sea during summer cold mornings. Not minding this sea urchin encounter. No one liked to hold nor touch it, almost all of us had a bad experience with it. When a friendly fisherman came to us with a smiling face, we thought he had a good catch of fish that morning and so we waited for him. When he showed us this sea urchin, our face turned into sour…saying, “never mind” ” we didn’t like  getting hurt anymore”. Then he burst into laughter.

Sea urchins have globe to flattened-shaped bodies covered with spines. They are non-aggressive marine animals found all over the world. They live in shallow, rocky bottoms, or hide in sandy cervices. Human contact with sea urchins is either accidental or intentional. People accidentally step on them in shallow surf, or intentionally pick up the urchins, unaware that they must handle the spines with care to avoid injury.

Sea urchins have two types of venomous organs – spines and pedicellaria. Spines produce puncture wounds. Pedicellaria are small, delicate seizing organs that lie between the spines and release venom when they attach to an object.See: See Urchins Puncture Overview

So we left the sea urchin unattended on the top of the sand pile. No matter how wonderful this creature was, we just gave him an adorable look and several camera shots.


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