To Die in Dignity Rather Than Shame?

Korean Contestant            Why do most of the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese are fond of making suicides? I am an avid reader of Yahoo news and whenever I encounter  topics related to suicide, I read them. I just wonder how their culture had viewed the importance of life and the meaning of nurturing life to the fullest. The picture here is an image of Chan, one of the contestants of South Korean TV Program who recently committed suicide because of shame. She is a pretty 29 year-old lady, a supposedly promising woman in her own country had she viewed her life into the positive outlook.  A  man in Guangdong , China  ended his life after he was accused of knocking down an old man. This man named Wu was to pay a huge amount demanded by an old man after recovering. Even Sandara Park, during her interview said that she would get suicide if she did not win in the contest.  Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a popular writer in Japan wrote a letter before ending his life saying..” I am suffering to live….of course I do not want to die but…” this statement alarmed many psychologists that plenty  of the people who took their lives do not want to die, they just want to end whatever is going on in their life. China, Latvia, Japan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Guyana, South Korea, Russia, Lithuania, and Greenland are the  top ten countries in the world having the high suicidal rates of its people..GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

          What triggered them to do so? Kay Redfield Jamison, the professor of psychiatry at the John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine disclosed that the underlying factors of getting suicide lies in the construing of events. She adds that “Most minds, when healthy, do not construe any event as devastating enough to warrant suicide”. Eve K. Moscicki, of the US National Institute of Mental Health notes that many factors work together to lead to suicidal behavior. The factors include mental and addictive disorders, genetic makeup and brain chemistry. Research shows that Europe and the United States have more than 90 percent completed suicides caused by depression, bipolar mood disorder, schizophrenia and alcohol or drug abuse. These are the mental and addictive disorders. However, the people who committed suicide were believed to be the normal individuals who were worth of our interpersonal understandings. The long cumulative despair they suffered had caused them heavy emotional burden and they gave up helplessly.


            Our life is a gift from our creator. Even the lives of our close friends and relatives are gifts to us too. We are happy when they are happy, we became sad when they are sad too. When life is in the momentum of upside down, we must discern the reasons why it happened and learn from the consequences that one has faced. Ending our life just because we are trapped by our emotions and we allow our thoughts to narrow down and think death as the only escape is an evidence that you didn’t see the reasons of your existence and the meaning of your life. Handling our lives is our own choice. However, we must consider our choices. AN ANCIENT proverb says: “Do not toil to gain riches. Cease from your own understanding. Have you caused your eyes to glance at it, when it is nothing? For without fail it makes wings for itself like those of an eagle and flies away toward the heavens. In other words, it is not wise to invest more on material wealth and fame for they can vanish quickly in any disastrous situations like calamity and other unforeseen occurrences. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASo, why not establish a loving relationship with our creator and enjoy the beauty of life?

            Our life evolved to our family and friends. Our relationship with them is so precious so and we value them too as our gifts. We can view our family as our beautiful garden of flowers where we can rest, enjoy and meditate. Yes, just like a garden, it is a refreshing refuge from stress of everyday life because they faithfully are the source of refreshing companionship and warmth feelings. The feeling of depression and stress will not hover around us if we can successfully build a strong and united family with precious friends around who share the same interests and values. Gardens have normal problems like the destructive pests and insects but because we love our garden, we look for ways to prevent them. Just like our family, we look for remedies whenever personal differences arise. This means providing a healthy atmosphere for a  family member having mood disorders or mental illness.

302814_126759404146887_15725498_n Your life is precious to everybody else in the family circles and friends. Whenever you feel that the suicidal thoughts is so dominant in your mood, seek for a professional assistance. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you suffer a mental illness. In fact depression has been called as “The common cold of the mind”, anyone can get it and it can be treated. Come out from your shell, share your feelings to a mature and trusted friend. Confide your feelings to other to diminish the high intensity of your emotions. This will give you a fresh perspective on the problems you face.


3 thoughts on “To Die in Dignity Rather Than Shame?”

  1. Thank you for addressing this subject. I am Bipolar and have Aaperger’s. Having family and friends who love us may be the deciding factor but if one’s family is gone, and if one is still lucky enough to have one’s marito, it places lots of pressure on the relationship to stay good. If that goes, me, I ‘ll be looking for the surest ticket “home”.

    1. Yes you are right. Thank you also for the comment .It feels good. By the way, you have a great life and your articles are informative and inspiring. I salute the way you handle your life…very inspiring.I understand your case, I have a daughter who has a similar case with you. Life is full of meaningful events…and staying close in the love of our creator will make us more happier.

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