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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Photo Challenge

             Ordinary people, ordinary days, ordinary rides and common places are nothing  unless you have the heart to search for the meaning inside. The photo here tells you nothing but just an ordinary face inside the mirror. But there is something with the “face”that I would like to elaborate in this photo. The girl traveled to the mountainous area of Bukidnon, named Manalog. It is a 70 kilometer ride which took her three hours to reach the destination, passing the five rivers and the two wooden bridges. Of course, she was in the group of 34 “Kingdom Proclaimers” who voluntarily preached during weekends, a religious activity that she participated happily.

She is a typical Filipina who has many aspirations in life. Her determination to pursue her dreams had made her strong and happy. She is  a college undergrad who first worked  as a Customer Service Representative at Synnex-Concentrix, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She loved that work so much, however, the company has a long travel from her home and the long-distance didn’t allow her to stay long in the job. Then she discovered the idea of working at home, an online work that will warrant her  the financial, social, moral and spiritual security. She was hired as the Webinar Team Leader at the  National Council of Entrepreneural Technology Transfer based at Washington D.C.  USA.  Working online with two employers to handle was manageable so she accepted the other offer which was a Webinar Coordinator at Maintain Momentum, a Toronto, Canada based company. Two years later she worked as a Supervisor at  Fortress Holdings a Beverly Hills, California- based. Presently, she is the Project Manager of Hawk Media Group,  An Austin Texas prestigious company based  and a Communication Director on Real Properties at Jacoby Services  Houston, Texas. Her position as a Project Manager had dramatically changed her life to a comfort zone for she is receiving the highest salary ever.

That ordinary face and simple profile inside the mirror has in connection with her amazing  skills in Communications that had moved the world’s big companies of social media into global businesses. The girl is known as Alecs, Lea Christina J. Tado in real life, a trained leader and speaker at Lapasan National High School in her HS years, now a charming and friendly lady in her own circles but a decisive and strict leader in her group.


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