March 27

While I was riding in a bus bound for my city, and enjoyed the ambiance of quiet and peaceful aura of the trip, I happened to glance the number 3-27 at the dashboard. Out of my mind, I closed my eyes, trying to get a nap as  I was trying to speculate the “next thing to do” when I arrived at Cagayan de Oro. I was sure the day was called “Thursday”, a time for our mid-week meeting at the Kingdom Hall and I checked  how prepared myself was in attending the meeting, considering that I had my flowered colored white and gray whole dress, my favorite 3-inch- heeled brown sandal and my tablet with the downloaded latest books. All of them were packed in my traveling bag three days ago.  I opened my eyes again to check the time reflected on the bus dashboard and I knew I had one hour and forty minutes to go. But the number 3-27 was there again as an alternation of the flashing time. “What is it in this number? As if there is more that I should ponder…hmmmm…… its March 27! Oh! I’m so sorry…it’s the  forgotten date again. March 27, the day when I exchanged vows with Lordino S. Tado, an OFW who died in Dubai one year ago. Remembering the date is remembering Lordino again. The pain…the agony…and the abandonment.


Of  course I liked the date because it’s our wedding anniversary day but I just wonder why I kept on forgetting it even since the first year of our marriage. I admire some couples who celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Mary Walker says that wedding anniversary celebrations are important because; It reaffirms your marriage , it shows gratitude and support for the union, it gives a much needed break from the monotony of daily life endeavor, it is a source of pride and accomplishment, and it proclaims to the world the goodness of your marriage. After reading her article, I said to myself: “no wonder….”

Yes, he’s already gone and wishing for a celebration of anniversary is a funny thing.  But I still have a colorful imagination of our wedding anniversary. This is supposedly the 25th year of our vows and we should have our iris flowers as decoration with the tsavorite stone on our gift. But these are again the shameful things to imagine, for our unity was not worth remembering but I still valued the marriage.

Iris Flowers
tsavorite stone

Every time my eye catches  the shadow of  number “27”, my intelligence will not halt processing till it realizes its significance. Aside from our marriage date, he was 27 when we face the altar, our house address is block 2 lot 7  and he died at date 27. I don’t believe in any superstitions but this number has meaning to my life and since this number is forever in the calendar my memory of him will be forever too.




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