On Job Promotion

IMG_3385              Talking about promotion in your career is something to meditate. All of us admire people who continued their education up to higher levels. Like taking up Master’s Degree then to a Doctor’s Degree. We viewed them as stars in our circles, a gem whose pedestal would soon become a portal for higher achievement in the department then soon to be a bearer of a good name.

                Such scenario is very complicated to visualize and meditate. Those who opted to achieve a higher level of their profession must be in an exceptional set up of economic living condition. Many, though working in an agency with well compensated salary, cannot meet the demands of levelling up in their career due to many reasons.

                Just like the common set up of people in our society, there are those who are contented with what they got while others still crave for more. Take a look at Maslow’s Theory on Hierarchy of Needs, there’s nothing wrong if you feel having contented in a comfort zone after acquiring your complete physiological needs. Finishing a four-year degree and land for a permanent job is quite a good fulfilment. Therefore, people in the working class who are stagnant in their roles are just replica of the “common village settlers” in our community. There are those workers whose potentials can be used to create innovations for their own department. Yet, they lacked motivation, willingness and commitment to contribute their best in the field. Maslow’s other theory on psychological needs which are belongingness, love and self-esteem looked less important to people who belong to the “me generation”.

                Work performance in a public agency has been measured by IPCRF and OPCRF. This is an assessment of how far an employee can do  his/her duty perennially. This perhaps had prompted our government towards the employee’s render of genuine government service to people. Many had claims their outstanding performance before without any legal documents to support. Today, every artefacts need proper documentations to legally support their claims.

                Promotion will just come up on your way eventually. It is not something to chaste for or run after. It will automatically choose you without any doubts. The performer will just reap what he sow this time and it is what Maslow Theory has called “self-actualization”, achieving one’s full potential including creative activities. This means, before your crown of glory comes, the fruit of your motives in government service must be manifested first.





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