A Reason to be Happy

Photo credit : F. Patilano

Life may seem full of problems but one has a reason to be happy. Meditating on the air we breathed, foods we ate, friends surrounding us, good condition of a heart and peaceful mind, is a vital reason for us to thank the giver, who is our creator.

Let us not forget that even though harsh realities of our surrounding disturb us…we are still entitled to an “inward joy”. This is the truth because even Jesus Christ himself had undergone trials and sufferings yet he maintained his “inward joy”.  One might ask, what is the basis for a real happiness? Well, all the happiness recorded in the bible were always in connection with having a right relationship with God. All of them could only be experienced personally if one has a faithful service to him. A service that is based on the “love of God”.

True happiness can be achieved if in return, you obey our creator, the heavenly father who is widely known as JEHOVAH. His blessing is essential for your happiness and that is one of his “good gifts” and “perfect presents”. No wonder that most of the Jehovah’s Witnesses I knew are the happy people despite this troubled world.

Acquiring material wealth or power has been proven as a failure. They only offer you survival, sustenance and comfort of life. Jesus said, there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Yes, this is really true especially if you give to someone who cannot pay you in return. This is your great opportunity because their incapability of responding to what you have given, will prompt our Creator to pay you in multitudes. So if you only give to someone who has the capacity to give you in return will only make you sad. The attitude of counting the “debt of gratitude” will only lengthen your feelings of remorse as you are waiting for their back pay. Of course this will happen based on your motives, because the one who gives favour to the lowly ones is thereby enjoying the happiness of giving. Psalms has a record that says: Jehovah himself will guard him and preserve him alive. He will be pronounced happy in the earth.

What contributes happiness to your life is of course,your knowledge of the bible. It is the oldest book on this earth but the wisdom it offers will lead to your happiness. Yes, a truly happy person, is the one who fully trusts in God, delights in and walks in his law, observes justice and fears God.



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