Her Name is Jannie

A silent girl with candid looks whose innocent eyes and rigorous smiles will usually catch someone’s attention. Her body built is a replica of well-trained athlete, product of a father’s loving effort who is her personal coach and trainer.

She is one of my new students this year. Prior to her enrolment, I already heard about her being an athlete. It was easy to teach her academically though she is intellectually disabled. Her stunning beauty and good demeanour has made her one of my favourites. She is active and full of vigour inside my class. She often finishes her tasks most of the time. When a certain task is not clear to her, she would give you a hesitant look, prompting me to assist her immediately.

Many of her classmates will complain on household tasks as part of their subject, but to her, cleaning and fetching water is just an easy job. Watering plants and stacking pails of water inside the classroom are her daily routines.  She is a non-verbal girl however, she has a basic knowledge on gestures which will usually prompt her to follow directions.

Such a kid with special needs is so lovable. Her presence every day is my inspiration. She knows if there is something wrong inside the class then she will help me reprimand her classmates who caused a trouble.

Her parents must be very lucky to have her. Though she has a disability, she is the source of joy and happiness. In these pictures, she won the “shut put” , running and long jump events. It was my first time to witness her vigour in sports and so I was amazed. Her name “Jannie” sounded several words of “Congratulations” from friends and teachers. Then many people were proud saying…”Her name is Jannie”.


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