Great teachers are like melodies of your heart

1005279_592005850820954_816758704_nOne will think that perfect teachers probably have exemplary lesson plans, numerous marked books with targets of high proficiency level, perfect authority in class and good management skills. However, looking at our common teenager’s life, great teachers are more than those qualities mentioned above. Real teachers are the ones whose lessons are always discussed every dinner tables, whose names are always remembered, and whose impact is never forgotten.

Outstanding teachers are the ones who have deep knowledge and understanding of their student’s life. This happens when that teachers offer an after school session every single week. This occurs when the teachers perform student remediation in academics, coach extracurricular tasks, conduct school initiated intervention, do home visitation and initiate both formal and informal interviews. These tasks are beyond their DepEd duties but as teachers with big heart, they troubleshoot whatever incompetence or loopholes encountered to render meaningful service. There are lots of teaching issues they can address and this is the teacher’s opportunity to touch the lives of their students meaningfully.

This is teaching more than what is required from our Curriculum Guide.  “On task training”, “modelling” or “hands on” activities are more realistic for skills training. Real acquisition of life’s skills are indirectly taught here, acts of resourcefulness encountered will teach them how to tackle obstacles and therefore make them stronger. These are the outputs of perfect lessons, wherein an insecure teenager feels cared and nurtured.

Another quality of an outstanding teacher is their good attitude. They are the ones whose personalities are so bright that the light bulbs inside fifty (50) heads are switched on in any way. These teachers always smile and can do the voices in books without feeling embarrassed.  They don’t shout because the students are always motivated to work with them. They don’t criticize verbally as they see their student’s potential in every human aspect. They don’t complain because every challenge is their opportunity to show they are inspired.

Such qualities of a teacher will dramatically improve student’s self-esteem. Students will be encouraged to go to school always and hear their teachers say “You’ve got it!” “Very Good” or “absolutely”.  It could just be an enthusiastic nod and a proud glint of their eye. It sounds simple, but being told that you’ve achieved something means the world. Their ridiculous stress and efforts make their students appreciate because for them, these kind of teachers are like melodies that you can’t get out of your head.



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