Real teachers show they care


Many teachers look like they are real as diamonds; genuine as gold. They saw themselves as catalyst of change in a school where they work. These kind of teachers always smile because they are happy of what they are doing. They always smile and work positively, no worries, no complain.

They believed that students of all ages need to feel that their teachers like them and approve of what they do. There are many ways to show that you care about your students while still maintaining a professional attitude.

First, do conditioning. It is just like structuring your own house set up so that occupants know where and when to sit, eat and sleep. The same as your student’s proper decorum inside and outside of the class. Everyone must know his roles, responsibilities and limits. Stress the things that you and your students have in common like goals, dreams and beliefs.

Second, deal with kindness. Use your kind voice when you talk, listen to all of your students and don’t be selective. When a student speaks to you, stop and listen, he needs you so badly. Be attentive always so you can respond to their greetings, they might be at their low point and your smile will lift them up. When they give gifts or flowers, write a thank you note or letter in return. It will comfort them knowing you valued their effort. When you display your student’s work, do it to all and don’t just choose the best. In their class activity, create a study buddy groups so that they can be connected to one another and let them feel that they are always part of the class. Always use good manners when you deal with your students and insist that they should do the same.

Third, show acceptance. When one of your students won in the contest, make a tarpaulin and hang it in the “ Wall of Fame”. Recognize their birthdays by having a birthday calendar then write message for the celebrants. Show your sense of humour and laugh with them. When you want to express what you feel, write notes. Use plenty of colourful stickers and write positive comments on their paper. Lastly, don’t forget to take selfies with them. They are your pride for that year.

Fourth, have connections with them. Attend school events if your students perform. Go with them to show your appreciation for their hard work. When your students confide in you, follow up and take time to ask about how they did. Don’t forget to ask about their family because its nice to know if someone is ill, you can send your “Get well soon” card. Speak to every student each day, text or call when they are absent and visit if there is no reply.

Caring for your students while you teach is a productive teacher-student relationship. They will not forget you throughout their lives because you are real to them.


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