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Thought.isPeople with anxiety aren’t perfect, but nobody is. When you love someone who has anxiety, you’re loving someone who is in tune with their every emotion. Someone who feels everything with their being and doesn’t apologize for it. When you love someone who has anxiety you are loving someone who is sensitive and empathetic. And they…

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Rain Paints My Lawn Green

Rest House Lawn

Rainy days bring happiness to my soul. Such a wonderful feeling of comfort made my mind realize how greens turned fresh and alluring. Buds and flowers bloom, grasses move taller so fast, trees danced of joy and green fields give its produce so fast.

Gazing at my lawn comforts my mind from a very hectic schedules of the week. Paper works made me indifferent these past days, thinking that my time wasn’t enough to do my extra school work. Sleeping late at night and staying indoor all days has made me denied of a chance in appreciating outdoor beauties. Such life will bring me to the lowest point of emotions had I stayed unnoticed. Thanks for the rain, it made a high sounding fall on my roof, calling my attention and come to my senses.

I started to see little things around. Raindrops rehabilitates my weary mind and wind gush reflexes my dehydrated skin. Looking down, I can feel the raindrops pounding dried leaves flat, its sound soothes my heavy feelings of emotions. Watching trees around as if they are dancing while catching every fall of the rain entertains me so deeply. Gloomy clouds stand firm as if determined to give for more. My rural house enjoys the greenery of nature, every wink of my eyes discloses the amazing beauty of trees, grasses, river, ornamental plants and orchids.

Then I realized how God created the best garden modified by his own wonderful landscapes. They said plants are the food of our souls while we take care of our nature, we nourished our spirit with gifts from the HEAVENLY Father. He actually caused the rains to paint my lawn green.


Waiting for Spring

fourth generation farmgirl

It’s been so warm and sunny here lately that daffodils are blooming and the pastures are turning from dull brown to vibrant green. So, this past weekend, Farmguy and I decided it was a good time to gather our sheep to administer their yearly vaccines and attend to other routine care practices like trimming hooves and de-worming.  After we finished, I walked around the pastures to take a few pictures. And, it occurred to me what a different spring we are having this year.

It was last year’s depressing gray skies, deluge of rain, and general sogginess that inspired the following farmgirl lament on the weather.  I know spring is really early this year, but this farmgirl is so grateful for the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I really don’t know if I can take one more day of winter.  As I sit here writing, rain is sprinkling against the windows…

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Friday Farm Favorites: Sudeley Castle Gardens

fourth generation farmgirl

Whenever Farmguy and I visit the Cotswolds, we always make a point of spending the day at Sudeley Castle near Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, England.  The present structure was built in the 15th century and has nine individual gardens.  These lovely and historical gardens are associated with four of England’s queens—Anne Boleyn, Katherine Parr, Lady Jane Grey, and Elizabeth I.

St. Mary’s Church, in which Katherine Parr is buried, is bordered by the White Garden, rich with peonies, clematis, roses and tulips, where Katherine and her companion, Lady Jane Grey would have entered the church for daily prayers.

Also, among the flowers is “The Dog.” A beautiful and detailed piece of artwork by internationally acclaimed sculptor Max Patte who is originally from Gloucestershire and now based in New Zealand.  Patte is famous for creatures he created for the film, TheHobbit.

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