Waiting for Spring

fourth generation farmgirl

It’s been so warm and sunny here lately that daffodils are blooming and the pastures are turning from dull brown to vibrant green. So, this past weekend, Farmguy and I decided it was a good time to gather our sheep to administer their yearly vaccines and attend to other routine care practices like trimming hooves and de-worming.  After we finished, I walked around the pastures to take a few pictures. And, it occurred to me what a different spring we are having this year.

It was last year’s depressing gray skies, deluge of rain, and general sogginess that inspired the following farmgirl lament on the weather.  I know spring is really early this year, but this farmgirl is so grateful for the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I really don’t know if I can take one more day of winter.  As I sit here writing, rain is sprinkling against the windows…

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