My Trips

A Place Worth My Visit

The blue, the green and the shadow

Feeling overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of Capitol Ground and Kaamulan at Malaybalay City, I took hundreds of shots just to satisfy my passion for nature and photography. The green colors of tall trees and the carefully trimmed  “carabao grass” had dramatically tuned in my mood to explore more the hidden beauties of the place. The time was about 11:00 noon, the time when the scorching heat of the sun merged the nature’s beauty into the unison of blue, green and the shadow.

The comforting shadow on the benches

Malaybalay City is known for its “Kaamulan Festivity” during the month of February and March. This picture here was taken during the ordinary working days where people worked at schools and offices. The photographer here enjoyed touching the earth with her instant clicks, grabbing the opportunity of the tranquil moment of the City. Walking under the shadow of the mahogany trees was so refreshing and relaxing. One can really promise himself, to come and visit this place again in the most favorable time.

The scorching heat of the sun and the waterless jar fountain

The peaceful mood of the place was so impressive and the blue and green tandem of the nature was so allusive. One can really remember the friendly and accommodating attributes  of the people here.

The path down to “Kaamulan” folk arts theater

This is what you will discover at the green woods seen at the rear view of my primary picture. It was so amazing that while I walked down, my eyes gazed intently at its natural and comforting beauty of the place.

The landmark at the entrance

As I approached the final location of “Kaamulan” , I felt blessed and happy so I really took interest at this memorable tribal list of the Malaybalay people.

The tribal houses

These tribal houses represented the seven tribes of the people of Malaybalay. The houses were lined, overlooking the small streams below and wide landscaped roads leading to the theater.

The Folk Arts Theater

This is the folk arts theater, the center for cultural presentations and for tribal showcase. The people in Malaybalay are united and peaceful. Their preservation of the tribal interests tells their love for their old ancestors. Their hospitality is so inviting and worth remembering.

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